Meet the Wakit Grinder, the rechargeable electric herb grinder with patented ball & chain technology that grinds your herb to a coarse consistency with 1 to 2 quick short taps to the top-down pressure cap.

Wakit Grinder is incredibly easy to use, for everyone, and there is no assembly needed. It is the perfect grinder for people with dexterity or conditions affecting hand coordination.

Simply place herb on the tray and place Wakit Grinders on top. Depending on herb using 1 to 2 quick short taps will provide a coarse texture.

Wakit has a built-in safety feature that will sense the resistance if the chain becomes tangled; causing it to shut down the motor for 3 to 5 seconds. Motor will automatically reset again.

Package Includes

1 – Wak It – Cannabis Grinder