These joints have been carefully crafted by a professional cannabis vendor, dispensaries or brands.

Prerolled joints, better known as prerolls, are ready for consumption and spares the consumer the trouble of cleaning, grinding and rolling, which can take time to master.

These carefully prepared products are available in different strains, flavors, weights and potencies to suit every taste.

What are prerolls?

To the delight of casual cannabis users and aficionados alike, producers, cultivators and cannabis purveyors of all types now offer prerolled joints. These products typically feature a specific quantity of ground cannabis flower wrapped in paper and fitted with a filter at the base.

Prerolls can be sold individually or found in packs. They can be as small as an average pinky finger or as long as the average smartphone. This specially prepared product offers a cost-effective, disposable and all-in-one experience to be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends.

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Why use prerolls?

There are some specific advantages to prerolled joints, including, storability, convenience and a wide selection of experiences. Imagine a group of cannabis enthusiasts gathering for a night of responsible consumption. To achieve the same experience offered by a preroll, it is necessary to grind their selection of herb before loading bongs or pipes or practicing the art and science of crafting the perfect joint.

They can take the cannabis experience to new heights through twaxing, which is rolling a thin ribbon of wax, or shatter, that snakes around the outside of the joint. To do this right without wasting any product requires forming a small station where the entire process can be performed. While this is certainly a ceremonious ritual that many enjoy, it is safe to say that this is no small task and a good amount of patience, time and experience is required to master this craft.

On the other hand, the entire process can be greatly simplified by purchasing a suitable preroll. The convenient preroll will come in a resealable container and can be selected for the precise experience the group is seeking. The party can take off right away and soon the room will be filled with the warm smell of quality herb and plenty of laughs and good energy.

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How efficient is smoking a prerolled joint?

Prerolls can be found in a range of potencies from pure flower, to elaborate twaxed cones, coated in kief, and even dipped in oils. Just as the potency of the preroll can range from mild to intense, the flavors array can vary greatly. Prerolls allow the consumer to enjoy the experience of very powerful concentrates without having to purchase the dab rigs or vaporizers needed with high-concentrate products.

But what about the efficiency of smoking a preroll? What is the quantity of active cannabinoids that reach the body systems and provide the desired effects?

To put it bluntly — pun intended— prerolls have less than 50% efficiency. But this is not a downside. As a matter of fact, bongs, pipes and other methods of combustible consumption share the same limitations.

According to a study by Natural Products Chemistry & Research published in 2015, users will receive less than half the active cannabinoids available in the preroll or joint. The study actually found that users ingest between 28% and 45% of the available cannabinoids with an average of 37% being ingested across all the tests made. According to the researchers conducting the study, the rest of the cannabinoids end up as ash or un-inhaled smoke.

But even though users may only be partaking of roughly 30% of the total cannabinoids present in their preroll, the convenience, discretion and available potency of these products makes them the obvious choice for a wide range of users, especially those with less cannabis experience but high standards for quality and variety.



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What are prerolls made of?

Prerolls come in a grand variety of contents ranging from a basic joint filled with standard herb to massive cones dusted with kief, curled in wax and filled with private reserve bud.

There was a time when prerolls were relegated to the bottom shelf and stuffed with undesirable contents such as shake, twigs, leaves and other parts of the cannabis plant that would and should otherwise be removed before consumption. But since major changes have been made in medical cannabis legislation, competition has driven the quality of cannabis products ever-upward and the prices have dropped considerably.

The rise in competition has also led to a great increase in the variety of options marijuana producers are offering blunts, which are hollowed out cigars filled with cannabis flower, and spliffs, which are joints filled with a mix of cannabis flower and tobacco. It has been noted that the popularity of spliffs, blunts and joints varies geographically. For example, spliffs are the most popular and common form of enjoying cannabis in Europe, while blunts and joints are the more common option on this side of the Atlantic.

It should also be noted that terms for these products are used interchangeably in different locations. In Europe, “spliffs” are what we refer to as “joints” containing only cannabis and “joints” are filled with the mixture of cannabis bud and tobacco.

Do prerolls have a shelf life?

Cannabis products do have a shelf life and they are prone to degradation over time and even faster without proper packaging. Old cannabis can grow molds and lose potency if aged. The terpenes that provide such a delightful flavor array can also be lost. But the degradation of cannabis is a process that takes months and this time-frame can be greatly extended with proper storage.

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How do you extend preroll shelf life?

Prerolls can be stored much in the same way as any other cannabis product. Here are some of the most important tenets of cannabis storage:

Storage containers — cannabis should be stored in air-tight containers and Mason jars are the perfect option, they are practical, air-tight and inexpensive. But they can be fragile so great care is needed. For those looking for a dedicated storage system, humidity storage containers are a great alternative. They have been designed to cure and store cannabis and are available in a variety of sizes, even capable of holding 2 pounds of weed.

Humidity — cannabis should ideally be suspended in the perfect humidity, but controlling humidity is not quite as simple. Nevertheless, storing dry herb in hermetic or vacuum-sealed containers provides an acceptable level of protection for the herb and removes the hassle of purchasing and maintaining costly humidifiers.

Keep Cool and Away from Sunlight — hat and direct sunlight will quickly degrade the delicate cannabinoids that make cannabis flowers so exciting. Find a spot in a dark corner of the pantry or under the stairs away from all sources of heat and light to avoid all degradation.

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How to make a preroll

What you will need:

  • ½ to 1 gram of cannabis
  • Rolling paper
  • Sheet of paper
  • Filter
  • Grinder
  • Pen or pencil
  • Chopstick (optional)

The first step to creating the perfect joint is breaking up the cannabis with a grinder. The fluffy ground flower will burn evenly and slowly which makes it perfect for use in a joint.

Next, make the filter. The filter ensures that the ground bud doesn’t escape the joint and end up in your mouth, it also protects the lips from the intense heat when the joint burns down.

Fold half the filter in a zigzag fashion and then roll the remaining strip around the rest to keep everything in place. Make sure the filter is not too tightly wound or no smoke will pass through. Professional tip, you can also use a single uncooked fusilli pasta as a filter and keep things simple.

Now it is time to shape paper the joint, this is done by wrapping the paper around the pencil and sealing the adhesive strip shut, just like licking an envelope. Now slide the filter into one end of the joint. If you are using the paper style filter, it will expand slightly and hold itself in place.

Now grab the paper and roll it into a funnel shape and use this to begin packing cannabis into the other end of the joint. This should be done slowly until the entire joint has been filled with good herbs. Use the chopstick to gently pack the ground bud into the joint. Don’t pack it too tightly and be sure to leave a bit at the top to twist the joint shut.

How to smoke a preroll

Now that you know all about prerolls, you can spark up that beautifully crafted joint you have made. For best results, play some good music, gather with good friends or sit back in your favorite easy chair and prepare to vegetate.

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